Horror Show!

A sleep away camp where campers keep disappearing. Voices in the dark urging you to act on your darker impulses. The closet in that abandoned house at the end of the cul-de-sac, which your older brother says is actually a portal to the other side. And be careful on your walk home -- the forest may be full of werewolves. Partly inspired by the real-life crime committed after a fictional demon created on the internet went viral, Horror Show! explores the stories we create to scare, protect, and heal ourselves after we get lost in the woods.


Horror Show! A Devised Piece

Directors: Geo Decas O'Donnell and Jordan Seavey of CollaborationTown

Sound Designer: Ash Zeitler
Production Stage Manager: Andie Rapavy
Lighting Designer: Judy Kagel
Scenic Designer: Mary Grace Moran

As the characters attempt to contact the dead, they reach out to something much worse. The Tall Man has entered their bedroom. The sound circled the stage before settling into the upstage closet.


The characters lose each other in the forest and realize something quite sinister is lost as well.